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direct accountants the Netherlands Holland Utrecht Dom towerDoes your company need to comply with the Dutch tax code and all the regulations in the Netherlands? Direct Accountants near Utrecht takes care of the tax filings for entrepreneurs, multinationals, and everything in between. We have all the necessary knowledge and advise companies on compliance and the Dutch tax code. This way you can save money, which you can invest into growing your business.

Your tax advisor near Utrecht

The team at Direct Accountants consists of highly trained people that have an extensive knowledge of the accounting business. Our expert tax advisors will work with you and provide you with effective advice. We always have our eye on the ball and will keep you informed about fiscal changes and new rules if they apply to your business. Naturally we can also take care of your annual tax filings, needed tax registrations, your corporate income tax returns, and so on.

direct accountants the Netherlands Holland Utrecht Dom towerGet to know our tax specialists

Need advice on the Dutch tax code? Want to know how to move your company to the Netherlands? Need Direct Accountants to be your tax representative in the Netherlands? We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.


Is your company or franchise located in or around Utrecht? Then our location in Houten is only a short distance away. Contact via videochat is also possible and nowadays only a button press away. We look forward to hearing from you!

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