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Direct Accountants Skype PersonalWe at Direct Accountants like to use video chat for conversations with our clients. We think it offers big advantages. Different than with a normal phone call, you can see each other and have a more personal conversion.

An advantage of using video chat instead of actually visiting each other is that it is much easier to plan a meeting. On top of that you save travel time and the planet… a true win/win situation.


We use Skype to video chat, a handy program that you can download for your PC, table, smartphone or even use Skype directly in your browser.

Skype is a service from Microsoft so you know it is good quality and well supported. A video chat between Skype users is free; you only pay for your data use.

Direct Accountants Skype ContactAdvice & Support

We use these video chat conversations a lot in our advice and support course. They do wonders for the conversation and we can make our support more personal this way. Want to know more about this service? Contact us!

Skype is really a very handy tool that allows for faster communication that is more personal at the same time.


You want to have a video chat? We like to hear from you.

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