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Direct Accountants digital onlineAt Direct Accountants we offer our clients the Scanservice. This simply means you scan your administration or, when you already have it in digital form, you don’t even have to do that. Then you send them on to us and forget about them. Our team makes sure that they are correctly filed.

We will put every permutation into the bookkeeping system of your choice. We work with: Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbook, Twinfield and Exact Online. If at the moment you work with a different system, porting the data will not be a problem. Feel free to ask us for advice on what solution would work to your advantage.

We like to work smart; it saves time and costs, which helps us, but more importantly also helps you. That is why we work with recognition software. This software is developed to the highest standard and is very user-friendly.

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This is all supported by our experienced team of administrative assistants. They keep a close eye on the process to make sure everything goes well.

The Scanservice ensures that you always have access to your invoices and bookkeeping, while the work is being done by us. This means: everything is taken care off, there are no nasty surprises and you can focus on doing business.

The Scanservice of Direct Accountants is a great advantage for the entrepreneur on the move. Contact us and we will gladly discuss with you which option is best for your organisation.

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