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We at Direct Accountants pride ourselves on doing that little bit extra. We strive to make your life easier. That also goes for pricing; we do it just a bit differently. So is it is important to us that you always get a fair deal.

Fair deal

How do we ensure a fair deal? Most accountancy firms work with hourly rates. This way, if they are inefficient, the risks are on you. We don’t like that practice at all. Our vision is that we should carry the risk. That why we work with clear pricing schemes. That’s why our slogan is: “No nasty surprises!”

Before we do business we discuss how we can assist you in an optimal fashion. Using this method our rates are often up to 25% lower than the competition. We make this possible by being really efficient and having a no-nonsense attitude. No-nonsense with Direct Accountants means not paying for services for which you didn’t ask. Using smart solutions, we can offer you fixed prices for a lot of our services.

Want to learn more about our smart solutions and our clear pricing scheme? Request a quote and we will spring into action for you.

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