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Corporate Dutch Tax Consultancy

Telraam Accountant BelastingadviseurDirect Accountants takes care of the tax fillings for entrepreneurs, multinationals and everything in between. We can also advise you on compliance and the Dutch tax code.

Our fiscal advisers make sure that you pay your taxes in full, but not a dime more, while at the same time taking work out of your hands. They will keep you advised on fiscal changes and new rules if they apply to your business.

Tax advice is part of our service that we can provide an we offer this support in many different areas:

  • Being your tax representative in the Netherlands
  • Advising you on tax compliance
  • Prevent double taxation
  • Payroll tax calculation and reports
  • Produce annual tax fillings
  • Take care of needed tax registrations
  • Utilisation of the EORI number
  • Apply for an Article 23 permit on your behalf
  • Oversee the filing of your corporate income tax returns
  • Provide the needed Intra-Community transactions declaration (ICP declaration)
  • Filing the VAT return paperwork
  • Utilisation of the 30% facility

direct accountants the Netherlands Holland Leeuwarden highriseIf you choose Direct Accountants, we will take the busywork and administration off your plate so that you have time to do proper business!

Start profiting from your Astute Accountant today. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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